My password from last year doesn't work!

If you’ve created an account in the past you may need to reset your password. Just click on the “Forgot My Password” link.

How can I ship to my list from last year? Do I have to re-enter all those addresses?

All the addresses you shipped to last year can be found in the ‘My Account’ section.  Simply log into your account using your e-mail address (you may need to create a new password, so simply click on ‘Forgot My Password’ link to set up a new one.)

I want to order 10 of the same thing to send to one location—will I be charged a separate shipping charge for each item?

No—we can provide the best shipping option for you at the time of checkout.  Simply follow the directions at checkout and you’ll be offered a real-time quote from FedEx using your actual shipping information.

Can I pick up my order at Shepherd Center?

We no longer have the space available at Shepherd Center to store orders. That’s good news, because our patient programs expanded to fill the space we previously used to store pecans. You can purchase a limited selection at the Shepherd Apothecary. Our pecan supplier will use their professional shipping and storage facilities to ship orders directly to your office or home, at the most economical price possible. Simply enter your order online, and our Shipping Calculator will give you options to ship the product to your home, office, or directly to your gift recipients.

When can I shop at Shepherd Center?

A limited selection of our delicious products can be purchased at the Shepherd Apothecary Monday–Friday, 8am – 6pm.